The Wild Apple is one of the many flavor monsters fought in the app. It is first appeared in the "Rotten Apples" teaser trailer, where it attacked a young couple at a fruit stand. Like all flavor monsters, it starts out as an adorable little creature, but later turns into a hideous monster. It represents the apple flavor used for tobacco products.



At first, it appears as a small, apple like creature with a cute smile and soleful eyes. However, a


Wild Apple prior to its mutation

fter it mutates, its skin becomes more wrinkled, its eyes become more sunken in, and its teeth are fully beared, having become sharp, pointed fangs with two very large fangs pointing up from its lower jaw. It comes in three varieties: simple red, sour green and wild.


Along with the normal varieties, the apple also appears as a boss in the second to last level. Known as the "Rotter", it is radically different in appearance, having a large tentacle like tumor on the side of its head, a long, lolling tongue, and green spikey hair.


Boss Apple (Rotter)


  • Along with Honey Buzzer and Strawberry Brute, Wild Apple is the mascot for "Flavor Monsters".
  • So far, Wild Apple is the only that has changed from its cute form to its true form.

    Wild Apple in mid-transformation

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